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Everything You Need to Know

What locations are available for Pizza@ in the US?

We are currently offering franchises, master franchises and multi-unit agreements in 35 states. Individual locations are assigned by zip codes or even county or parrishes. The number of locations per zip code are determined by population density and based on US Census data.

What is the timeline for opening a Pizza@?

On average it takes 120 days from start to finish - sometimes even less. Our simple design and build out greatly reduces the time required for other restaurants.

How much will I make per restaurant?

Sales will vary from store to store as will labor, rent, and other factors.  We will be happy to assist you with your individual business plan by helping with cost projections.

Are we required to open more than one store?

No, but in addition to single units, we offer multi-unit franchises as well as master franchises. We can customize a development deal that is right for your needs. 

Are Pizza @ franchises available internationally?

No, currently we are only offering franchises in 35 States.

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